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The Artist

Updated: Aug 15, 2022

Everything in life is not always what appears to be seen. Thought influences the experience of reality. Subtle clues are hidden within the matrix that surrounds us all. With each passing breath, archaic knowledge attempts its rediscovery. I search for these clues as my personal quest, imbedded in the divine patterns of the natural world.

Through these patterns I delve deeper into more intricately woven design. The clues become keys that unlock doors of vision. As I walk through the corridors, replicating an Earth-like setting, a silent song whispers the secrets of time. The once familiar trees and stone transform into sentient beings. Their stories become the foundation for each piece I create. Stories told in an unspeakable language that I translate visually.

PRIISM bridges the realms of the unseen world and the physical world. Neon and pastel hues illuminate the horizon, reconstructing the sky into a river. The use of elemental forces create movement across fictional landscapes. Refracting the world with a dreamy quintessence, my art provides an ethereal experience through space.

I am a self-taught artist, based out of Atlanta, GA.

Practicing in form since 2017

I invite you to take a walk down a path you once knew, and see it for the first time in new light.

I look forward to growing and enhancing my skills as I share them with you.

Many Blessings

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Jeffrey Laurens
Jeffrey Laurens
Sep 06, 2021

Very nice site. Love it.

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